Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ninjago cupcake for Adiff

Hehe.. remember last ninjago cupcake ordered by our friend effa & min for their kids?.. well.. it was not enough.. this time around, Adiff went all the way begging to his mother to buy him another set of ninjago cupcake.. so sweet~!! I'm touched.. and feel honoured to do it again for them..

And now, to make sure that my cake meets the standard requirement for a hardcore ninjago fan, I asked my eldest son (also another fan of ninjago) to do a quick quality check before going to school.. ya lah!.. they know what to expect from this more than us.. huhuhu

our second ninjago buttercream décor cupcake set

Syahmi is judging the cake design.. and commenting..

all in all, he said.. I passed!! whew~!!

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