Sunday, April 24, 2011

Toy story cake.. comes back

This is one awaited order we had for the weekend. Of course we need to prepare the main character, Woody and Buzz few days a head to make them firm and strong.. Personally I really love to decor this cake. We had so much fun creating every details on it. Enny the client is a mother of one of Syahmi's school mate, and they know about us when we celebrate Syahmi's birthday at his school last March.. (hehe, good promotion method though..:) !) When her husband collect the cake from us he look shocked and praised us. Anyway, we really had fun and feel satisfied with the outcome.. hopefully they love it too.. and happy birthday for the twin brother.. Ameer and Emran! hope you had a great one!

Number one!

It's their first baby girl birthday.. The parents are very excited to celebrate it.. everyone was excited, we love the fact that they love the cake design,.. and then right before the celebration, we were informed.. we have made a huge mistake.. oh no! huhu~! we misspelled the name.. sorry sangat3!!.. we did offer to repair the cake tapi Shida cakap takpelah.. it's ok.. huhu~! but still, we feel bad for that..:( sorry.. lesson learned.. double check your order details... :)

Beiber fever

Beiber fever sedang melanda Malaya.. kek yang Kak Linda order ni pun sama la dah berjangkit.. hehe, luckily they love it.. the cake was ordered for their cousin in Shah Alam

Safiya's Birthday bash

This sets of cake were ordered by Dila for Dr. Sarah.. It comes in 3 set of cake, 1 a barbie mermaid cake, then there are 2 sets of cupcake. set filled with girl stuff and a set of edible barbie image.. hehe, quite a task and we managed to finished it on time.. hope Dr. Sarah's family love the set especially the birthday girl..

Cute Fairy for Jasmeen's birthday

We received the order for Jasmeen Eiliyah's Birthday, due to lot's of fondant figurines this week, we have to plan our model making and making sure that all of them harden at time.. so the figurine was made earlier.. I have to browse some cute little girl faces on the net.. and I've selected the fluffy girl from 'despicable me' as guide.. with much more alteration.. this is the outcome.. heheh, quite satisfying lah...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

a lovely hantaran...

This set of cupcakes consist of their love and interest.. and all of that was beautifully arranged in a box of cupcakes for hantaran.. hope they love it..

Saturday, April 16, 2011

thomas cake

This is another thomas cake made by rizqcakes.. hihi, quite kelam kabut gak nak siapkan coz we have only about 3 hours to decor it. at first we carve it and then glaced it dengan choc ganache.. put the first layer of fondant.. and then, come the tedious part,.. the small details around it including the face.. luckily we didn't forget about the 'corong asap'.. what do you call that in english?.. hehe.. like the previous thomas..

go cheese...

Fiza ordered this for her Hubby.. alhamdulillah, tak sangka plak, our cheese cake ni ramai peminat dah.. thanks sifu Lela tolong ajarkan.. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

dora the explorer

This one is a cut-out dora, ordered by a colleague.. hope she love it

Ultraman week..

There were 2 ultraman themed cake this week from 2 different customer. one was quite the same as before but there's one ordered by a colleague which design has been determined by the requestor. here's his cool design.. heheh, so cute! See the ultramans being strangled by the raksasa? huhu.. this monster is powerful! So funny...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thomas cake for Adam

we got quite worried this morning as the person who ordered the cake could not be contacted.. it's nothing serious, we just want to ask about what to put in the wording for the cake.. heheh, luckily we managed to get her contacted. kesian, her phone was lost. no wonder lah tak dapat dihubungi.. so, this is the outcome.. enjoice~!!

Zan on cake

Last saturday our friend from US ordered a cake for her school buddy gathering at Ara Damansara. She can't make it to meet them all.. Then she ordered a cake for the gathering and let us decide on the design.. we came up with this design, the day before the event she confirms it and excited about it.. (yey!! we love it too).. and finally, this is the outcome..

hantaran nikah..

Masa gi cuti-cuti aritu, kami sempat beli beberapa mould yg susah nak dapat kat Malaysia ni.. so, this cake ordered by our friend adalah perasmi penggunaan mould2 tersebut.. we're very excited coz the outcome are really cool. so, enjoy the cake Ej and CS.. hopefully the cake really up to their expectation. thanks

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For Mr.Jeremy

At office, the colleagues there were planning to have our CEO's birthday party.. just a small potluck, so we were assigned to do the cake. at first we were quite reluctant because we don't want it to be kecoh about our favourite past time.. but after the persuasion and begging.. ok lah, we finally agreed, but with few conditions.. we bake our second attempt snickers cheese cake and at last this is the result. So hope they like it especially the birthday boy.

Sorry if the face is not as handsome as the real person. hehehe :)

happy birthday boss!

Mikhaila Adriana's birthday bash!

Azmi and Nina were so excited to have this birthday party with barbie cake for their daughter.. They even insist to order the cake with us when we were already in the mood for holiday. thanks to both of them, we have our kick start back on track for this fun business.. :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Cik Yaya's birthday!!

Our close friend Moon and Sutan invited us for a small gathering in-conjunction with Cik Yaya's birthday. Zaimi and Mai family are there too.. The kids were enjoying their time playing the whole time there and it was so much fun to see them. They have become close although as always, Syahmi and Hafiz are quite shy the first few minute there.. biasa lah, long time no see..

after cake cutting, we enjoy the brownies with ice cream..sedap!! sori, takde gambar.. maybe boleh mintak from moon or zaimi

Pink and purple roses cake for hantaran

We receive this order from a colleague at office, it was fun to decor it and the end result is quite satisfying. hope the hantaran is loved by everyone there.. TQ Amril & family