Saturday, November 26, 2011

as salam semua, very sorry sebab i know i havent clear my mailbox. but at this moment we are having family matters. my mum in law is not well and warded at Kuala lipis Hospital. We pray for her speedy recovery. Till then, sorry again and thanks so much for your continous support.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hear Yee! Hear Yee!

Introducing our new logo...:) yes many other alreayd have their own logo, company name and business card..unlike me n poek...we both move slowly... yet consistently... and hopefully wont stop..its a milestone for us...

thomas the tank engine

I love this cake so much... ehheh ni cake pertama thomas buat style macam ni... Gie bagitau lebih kurang cemana dia nak kek ni, and we came out with this... gie collect cake ni dari office poek di cyberjaya...and terus sms ila bgtau yg dia rasa nak pengsan sbb nengok kek ni... heheh ila reply bgtau "kalau nak pengsan sebab suka sangat takpe, kalau nak pengsan sbb kek ni roboh, ila pun nak pengsan juga" heheh bukan nya apa, sebenarnya kami memang pernah ada experience kek roboh... to be exact our first 2 tiers cake, Barney beralih sket sampai rosak..

anyway, thanks so much gie :)

hotwheel cake

Ordered by Ilyana... someone yg dah recommend us to few friends but she admitted to me that she never ordered from me but had tasted my cake in one of my customer's house so she confident to recommend me to others. And this time around she ordered 2 cakes from us. a number 40 cakes and this hotwheel.

Thanks so much Ilyana for the order as well as being a 'marketer' for us. :)

Circus cake for Raisa's birthday

ordered by Faizah... Honestly its not our best outcome and not our original idea. Faizah did her researched before order the cake from us, and had emailed us this pic from . macam nak pengsan nengok kek cantik mcm ni... huhuhu but we take it as a challenge...

And this is our version of circus carnival cake...huhuhuhu.... rasa nak nangis nengok comparison between these 2 cakes... Despite the imperfection of the cake, Faizah still happy with the outcome.

Thanks so much Faizah for the order. InsyaAllah we will keep improving ourselves.

Timmy Time

Its our first Timmy Time cake...heheh comel comel characternya... kek nya untuk si comel Aidil... Mariam suka sgt kek ni...according to Mariam buah hati kesayangan nya sayang sgt dgn kek nya ni...

And Mariam sgt baik hati share gambar masa Aidil nak potong kek ni...Thanks so much Mariam and glad that Aidil and the rest of your guests enjoy the cake. Thanks once again :)