Tuesday, May 31, 2011

angry birds cake

When Haleyna contacted me roughly 1 month before the event date, i was puzzled....What is Angry Birs?? LOL punya la glamor game ni and I dont even have a clue about it...

In order for us to make the cake and to have the feeling about the game, Then we started googling and downloading the game...proudly to say I accomplished all levels already... we are thinking hard, cemana la nak buat block ni...hehehe nak guna crispy treat tp tak pernah buat crispy treat... at last we used wafer chocolate then cover with fondant.. yeyyy I am happy with the result.

Delivered the cake at Bird Park. Haleyna happy with teh outcome...so do us... Thanks again Haleyna :)

ultraman and blue power rangers cake..

An order from Erlina, recommended by her Aunt which is my former Law Lecturer at UM. Happy to know that the cake really a hit during the party. Alhamdulillah...

6 pieces cupcakes

Just 6 pcs cupcakes for Fairuz's beloved boyfriend... such a lovely gesture... Tq fairuz for the order... Speaking about just 6 pcs, it started last year when Hairi (now a regular customer of mine) order 6 pcs cupcakes for someone special, and I do accept order for just 6 pcs with a special design like this...

kek hantaran..

Just a simple hantaran cake for Kak Huda's friend. Thanks for the order :)

tom and jerry cake

Tom and Jerry is always a fav cartoon of mine. and now Syahmi and Hafiz also loves watching it... This cake belong to Aisyah... memula dah kelam kabut sikit as my BB suddenly kaput and I lost Aisyah's mum contact number.

Btw, thanks so much for the order :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

dibo the gift dragon

Dibo and friends for Fadzil Rizq Armani...we shared the same name for our kids..Rizq.
Thanks Fara and Fadil for the order. I hope Armani likes the cake :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I've made mistake

I've made mistake... a huge mistake actually...

this is a about a special cake that i've made for a special friend. when me started learning how to bake cake 4 years ago, semua sebab nak buat cake utk syahmi... syahmi punya first bday, the cake ordered from Tracey. then on syahmi second bday, me just buat simple choc cake with a topping of choc ganache. then daddy drew sponge bob...then kengkawan nengok and mula request a simple cake like that for them..and thats how the business started...

few years down the road, kami jumpa ramai customer an dkawan baru..tak pernah terniat nak jadi kan ni full time business pun... then kak zan yg dah duduk US for good encouraged me n poek utk buat betul2...kak zan suggested we further study on sugar art, kak zan siap cari kan univeristi and offer poek to stay with her family kat Virginia... that was last year... tp last November bila aruah abah ila sakit for 25 days dan lepas tu meninggal, kami fikir balik..family is more important, ila ada mak lagi...poek pun ada parents...kalau kita pegi belaja jauh jauh dgn financial yg kurang stabil, in case anything happen, macamana nak balik jenguk family.. kak zan terus bg support, buying us lots of things..sampai kadang kadang kami risau, alamak mahal nya brg ni... then ada satu kali kak zan shipping brg utk baking kami, tergamam jugak nengok harga nya... then kak zan ckp jgn risau, buat kan kak zan 1 kek , tolak 3 suku dari hutang kami dgn kak zan... until today, masih ada hutang dgn kak zan utk shipment brg2 yg first batch ni...

the cake we've made, we've sent it to gathering kawan2 kak zan... kak zan love the cake and so do us. one day ada 1 customer email ila gambar 1 kek yg dia ckp org tiru ila... to be honest kami sedar diri, siapa la kami utk ditiru kan. in the same time masa tu ayah kak zan tengah sakit tenat, walaupun tu ayah kak zan, tp ila pulak yg risau lebih2... and hari yg sama ayah kak zan meninggal... tp entah la, i've lost my mind and acted stupidly, i did letak gambar that cake kat my fb ... i've made huge mistake... the decorator of the cake really frust sbb itu idea dia sendiri but she is a very nice lady yg sudi maafkan ila...Alhamdulillah walaupun dia ada mentioned forgiven but not forgotten... she is indeed bagitau dia tak nak panjang2 kan perkara ni, Ila sungguh kagum dengan sifat2 dia yang memaafkan dan siap bagitau ila yang dia bukan jenis suka memanjang2 kan perkara sebegini, ila betul betul kagum dengan sifat dia yang mulia macam tu dan ila doa sgt2 ila juga mempunyai sifat2 terpuji seperti dia.... so before she requested it, i apologized her publicly in my fb. tp iye la kan nasi dah jadi bubur. sesungguh nya dia memang mempunyai sifat2 mahmudah yg terpuji.

its a great lesson to me... i kept crying and felt very guilty for what had happened. tp betul la kan org ckp, sekali kita buat salah walaupun tanpa disengajakan ianya akan beri kesan dan keburukan yang berpanjangan... walaupun the nice lady cakap dia dah maaf kan, ila yg rasa bersalah...setiap kali sebelum tidur, ila doa sgt the nice lady sudi maaf kan ila dengan sepenuh hati dan ikhlas, ila doa dan harap one day ila dan the nice lady can be friends. dia baik dan berfikir dgn bijak, ila harap ila dapat belajar dgn dia. tapi sebagai org yg bersalah ila tak boleh harap kan apa2. ila yang bersalah.

insyaAllah, ila akan cuba utk jadi manusia yg lebih baik. Aruah Abah pernah cakap, manusia yang baik bukan la manusia yang tak pernah buat silap, tapi manusia yang belajar dari kesilapan nya. Ila ni memang jauh dari baik, tapi ila doa sgt2 ila akan menjadi manusia yg lebih baik dan lepas ni akan berpikir dahulu sebelum mengeluarkan sebarang pendapat. Aruah Abah ckp dulu, kalau kita buat silap dan mengakuinya, dan sekiranya masih dianggap bersalah, its beyond our control jadi kita kena redha sbb kita yg bersalah.

ila tak tau samada that nice lady baca atau tak blog ila ni, mungkin x, tapi ila harap lepas ila luah kan semua ni kat blog, ila akan rasa lebih lega sbb dah lama pendam ni... pendam rasa bersalah dan anggap perkara ni dah selesai tp selagi ila tak luah kan, selagi tu hati ila tak senang...rasa dah tak tertanggung nak pendam sendiri...

InsyaAllah, ila dan poek akan mengerjakan umrah july ni... dah niat lama nak pergi umrah... makin dekat nak pergi makin takut rasanya... kalau berdosa dgn Allah, org kata senang nak dpt keampunan sebab Allah SWT Maha Pengampun dan Penyayang, tp kalau berdosa dgn manusia susah... ila doa siang malam that nice lady sudi maaf kan kesalahan ila.

Untuk that nice lady dan owner cake tersebut, dengan seikhlas hati ila minta maaf di atas ketelanjuran perbuatan ila yang melampau. Hanya Allah SWT yang mampu membalas kebaikan kalian yg sudi maaf kan saya. Untuk the nice lady decorator, ial memang nak belajar dari awak untuk jadi lebih baik dan mulia. InsyaAllah ila akan terus berdoa.

Untuk Kak Zan, takziah atas pemergian aruah ayah kak zan dan terima kasih atas all your support.

To my hubby, tq sayang sebab sudi dengar luahan perasaan saya ni setiap hari... kesian awak kan, asyik kena dengar saya cakap benda yg sama setiap hari.

To all customer, I hope the mistake I've made akan menjadikan kan I a better person, doa kan ye...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

handphone saya rosak

BB saya rosak, jadi kepada sesiapa yg ada order cake sila emailatau fb saya ye...uhuhuh tq

Chocolate Chip Cookies

ni entry selingan...bukan promotion utk menjual ye... syahmi and hafiz memang suka sgt mkn choc chip, so we always buy choc chip cookies from famous Amos or anyone who sells nice cookies. Hubby commented on my hobby of purchasing recipe books...hahahha suka beli buku tapi tak masak masak..cemana tu... so 2 nights ago, after maghrib syahmi requested me to bake cookies for him... so i browse thru my collection of books... and decided to give a try on this recipe from the book that I've bought from Melbourne Victoria Market. An easy recipe yet sangat sedap...
Recipe :-

115gm butter/margerine (i used butter)
50g caster sugar
110 dark brown sugar (i used normal brown sugar)
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
170 g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
1/8 teaspoon salt
170g chocolate chips
55 g walnuts (syahmi not a fan of walnuts and i do not have almond, so i just put total of 225g choc chips).

1) cream the butter, sugar, and brown sugar
2) in another bowl mix egg and vanilla essence, then gradually beat into the butter mixture.
3) sift over flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt and stir
4) Add the choc chips

Senang and cepat... Happy Baking!!!

Btw, this entry specially for Sity and Kak Sab.

edible Image cake

Ordered by Yanie memula baca email, Yanie introduced herself like this, hi saya yanie dari Bukit Aman...gulp...bukit amsn, sebelum ni pernah terima order dari tentera, now dari polis pulak..see like i said before, an advantage of being a cake maker when we can meet many people along the line of business. making new friends everyday.

btw, i ordered this edible image from my future Brother in Law (InsyaAllah). he is taking order not only for me. so whoever interested to order an edible image from him, kindly email him at hairil@gmail.com . Hairil is also a manager at starbucks Hartamas, yes today is opening day of the new branch, congrats Hairil!

sempat jumpa Yanie sekejap masa hantar kek masa otw ke Sg Congkak. thanks Yanie for the order.

Happy Birthday Everyone Connect

I love this big cake... so simple yet cute... Thanks Fara for the order :)

A handbag with Love for Julie

My first ever handbag Cake... Alhamdulillah managed to do it...
Julie, a sweet lady... a repeat customer turn to be friend of mine...her hubby who adores her, wanted to have surprise party and cake for her...emailed me this pic of handbag...wohooo i never done any handbag cake before, perhaps for others it just a simple design...but for me its a huge task. but how could i say NO to Julie's hubby..Julie is such a special person to me.
Izzat had mentioned he is not sure how to celebrate Julie's bday. I suggested Flora Cafe at AmpWalk, been there once for my partner in crime (Sity) bday party, i just fall in love with the whole concept of the cafe... Izzat invited me and family to the party but we had prior commitment, which no less important than the party, its a cousins gathering at Sg Congkak. Anyway, thanks Izzat for inviting us.

Julie had called me and thanked me for suggesting the venue of the party as well the cake which obviously she loved. I am just flattered. She is so lucky for having a sweet romantic husband like Izzat.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE!!! May you happy always.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Barney in da house again

Happy 2nd Bithday Qaseh Mia Faryna... a beloved daughter to Shila, hehhe cik jiran depan rumah. Shila is a Stay at Home Mom. A job that I wish myself having right now... I am quite determine to follow Shila's footstep to work from home, InsyaAllah next year.

I am not happy now, no not because of work. I have a great job with an important post with a good salary, perhaps lower from many of other mom's. am just not happy because i kinda losing myself... the preassure to juggle work at the corporate world, a cake baker, a mum to my sons, a wife to my beloved hubby etc etc...

thinking to go back to basic, work from home, baking cake and learn pastries and cook and do more craft stuffs... yup i still have financial obligation and thats why i cant follow my heart right now. InsyaAllah very soon. :)

back to the cake again, a barney and friends...still remember my first 2 tiers the barney and friends 2 years ago, which turned to disaster :P. this time the tiers are more stable and i think its prettier than before.

Thanks Shila for the order. :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

1 year old birthday

A big and heavy cake ordered by another repeat customer, Nenny. Total weight are approximately 5kg plus...I love looking at the combination of yellow and blue... Thanks Nenny for the order.

teacher's day

these set of cakes were from Kak Linda, this is kinda cute i think :).. i hope the teachers love this cake. and happy teachers day!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sorry salah update

hi all, sorry sebab utk cake yg latest dah terupdate kat http://decute.blogspot.com (my personal blog)... sorry ye...


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bob the builder

It's been quite sometime for us to receive cartoon character drawing on the cake.. this time its for Aliff Iqbal's 4th birthday. It's seem like somekind of therapy sometimes to just play around with the piping bag piping down the buttercream to draw this.. yep! we enjoyed it :).. thanks for the order

Class of 1981

It is always great to meet old friends from school or alma mater. Talking about the past, our greatest memories together.. even the things we hate most might just be a laughing stock for now.. huhu, missed my school friends already. anyway.. this book cake was ordered by Aunt Wan for her reunion from the class of 1981. really satisfied with the outcome of this cake and hopefully they'll love it too.. Thanks Aunt Wan!!

5th Anniversary

This cake was ordered by Hasha a.k.a Manja for her 5th anniversary.. it was a sweet anniversary cake and we really love it. hopefully the whole family love it too.. thanks Hasha for the order

Mother's day special

Yup this time the vase is more realistic.. of course, they are the real deal.. hehe, these sets of fondant flower bouquet was ordered by our repeat customer Kak Linda, she bought few vases and then let us do the bouquet of cupcakes.. huhu, quite tricky actually.. and after few trial and error, we managed to produce these... alhamdulillah, Kak Linda really loves it and hopefully, all the mothers that will be receiving these cakes will love them too.. thanks kak Linda..

mother's day special

ordered by raudhah for her mother... first time buat kek bentuk pasu, end up not really showing the shape of a vase, tapi we learn something new.. next time, different technique perhaps.. Hihi, thanks Raudhah for the order and believing in us. and happy mother's day

powerpuff girls lagi...

This powerpuffgirl was ordered for Irdina.. hope she love the outcome as she decided on the design herself.. hope our version of Powerpuff girl meets her expectation.. thanks for the order..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Barbie as Ariel the mermaid!

This week we celebrate friends birthday parties.. Naza and Mai both ordered the barbie cake for their daughter's birthday.. hhuuhu.. luckily it's not on the same day, if do.. we might not be able to attend to any of the party.. huhu, glad to know both of them and their family loves the cake.. especially the children.. :) thanks