Tuesday, July 24, 2012

hantaran cakes

2 hantaran cakes for our customer. am very very sorry for not able to remember your names... by next year InsyaAllah we will have a better directory system when one of us opt for doing this business on fulltime basis. InsyaAllah...


more and more birthday cakes

More and more birthday cakes we've prepared last month :). Thanks to all valuable customers. May Allah SWT bless us all.

Kungfu Panda

I can assure you, why we take this order tho at that time we already said we are not going to take order 3 weeks before Umrah, but this cake is really a challenge for us... This first time ever we've built a structure for the Panda to stand. Thanks to my bro in law Datu Firdaus for his hardship preparing the structure...

We are very very proud of the cake. Thanks Allah for giving us the opportunity to keep exploring various technique in making a beautiful halal delicous cake for our customer.

Thanks so much to Maiz and family for the order :)

Toys Story in the house again!!!

 2 tiers birthday cake with Woody and Jesse figurines... Thanks dear for the order :)

cars cake

Its a rainbow layer with buttercream icing, theme of Cars... its quite detail drawing at every inch of the cake. to those who wonder how we do the drawing, is it a tracing a technique or not. I am happy to inform you that Hubby (Poek) which is our designer is a very talented artist so he hand drawn all the images without any tracing technique. I thankful to the Allah SWT for that :)

To our customer, thanks so much for the order.

Hello Kitty Cake... the cake is a combination of butter cake and chocolate moist cake... And if you notice, the hello kitty is with pacifier. a special request from Mama Qaseh... Thanks Shila for the order :)

Doll Cakes

2 Doll Cakes using Barbie order by our customer in June 2012...1 barbie dress in Rapunzel and the other in Belle (Beauty And The Beast). I love them both...

Ultraman vs Raksasa

 Ordered by Farah isma for her son. and Alhamdulillah the birthday boy like it so much. Thanks Farah for the order

white hantaran cake

Elegant white hantaran cake. this is an old order, i think before our umrah trip last june. ordered from Raudha, our repeat customer..... congrats raudha for your wedding and very very sorry for not able to attend your big day. Thanks once again.