Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 1 Cupcakes - Movie Premiere

Twilight Saga kembali lagi... kali ni Breaking Dawn part 1.. Sunie yg dah menjadi pelanggan setia kami tiap kali twilighters Malaysia berkumpul sekali lagi memberikan kepercayaan kepada RizqCakes untuk salah satu highlights sempena tayangan perdana filem ni.

Ila as the marketing chief bertindaklah mencadangkan satu showcase from us bertemakan Twilight saga Breaking dawn ni.. Fuad as the designer and artist buat lah design of how the cake will look like, we want to make the cake standing up and kita boleh bergambar sebelah kek2 tu.. memang berdebar jugak masa suggestion tu diutarakan.. ye la, tak pernah buat, frame untuk cake ni pun tak ada lagi masa tu.. Luckily we have a brother in law yg sangat pandai bertukang, dan kami serahkan projek utk buat design frame tu pada dia. selama ni pernah tengok pun cake maker yg dah ada show sendiri kat TV je buat custom made frame utk kek ni.. huhuhu..

DC cupcakes dan segala macam cake program kat TV adalah salah satu inspirasi kami untuk mencabar kemampuan kami dalam menghasilkan kek seperti tersusun dalam gambar kat bawah2 ni.. Yey!! With all the hard work, determination, well planned, family and friend support yang tak berbelah bagi akhirnya, kami berjaya menghasilkannya... Alhamdulillah...

Terima kasih tak terhingga kepada Dat and Angah for their support dengan menghasilkan stand frame yg sangat hebat ni! memang berbaloi effort yg dicurahkan.. hasilnya sangat mengagumkan.., tak lupa gak kat sity yg sanggup ambik cuti tolong kitorang setup, she's been a great support for our passion in cake making ni.. Adik, Mak, Syahmi and Hafiz yg bersama2 kami sepanjang pembikinan projek ni.. and above all.. Alhamdulillah, the event was a huge success and we enjoy every moment there.
Setelah selesai menyusun dan buat finishing touch.. syahmi tak puas hati masa ni sbb kena paksa bergambar...heheh..btw, thanks amk and adik for your endless support... ila and Fuad are very lucky for having a mum and sisters like angah and adik who always support our effort...and i couldnt ask for more from a brother like Dat... I love all of u...

The final outcome..
front view

tengah buat shading on the cakes utk bagi effect 3D sikit Ila & Poek - When we started selling cupcakes 4 years ago. never thought we will do something like this...it comes naturally..slow and steady nd not rushing at all... Alhamdullilah, its not yet a success for us, but definitely a milestone.

boring? hehe sian budak2 kena angkut skali

masa ni kami dah panik takut lambat... Ila and Sity.. 10 years old friendship... She is the woman behind the scene actually..she is the one who encourage ila to propose the idea to Sunie and theme...she said "its ok if they reject your idea, but at least you should give a try"... sity was taking leave from office on the particular day to assist and being with us... I love u PIC...

tapi alhamdulillah dalam masa 15 minutes dah siap susun,

tinggal nak touch up je

sunie, the vice president of Twilighters Malaysia (if am not mistaken)...the one who always give us the opportunity to bake for them... Thanks Sunie :)

my sister "Angah" and brother inlaw "Dat"... basically we told Dat what we want, requst him to design and we will pay for it...but Dat yang also excited and supported us, sponsor the frame to RizqCakes...Alhamdulillah...thanks to both of you...

masa untuk enjoy layan breaking dawn..

And, our cupcakes been featured in Harian Metro too... Thanks to Azlina, Sunie and Twilighters Malaysia, for giving us the opportunity to join the event.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Anniversary Cake

Its their 10 Anniversary. They travel a lot. The love each other... They alway work hand in hand.... Yup, thats the theme and messages given by Pushpa as the guideline for us to make cake for them... and taraaaa this is the outcome. We hope Pushpa and hubby will happy always... thanks once again for the repeat order Pushpa :)


This cake is a rainbow layer cake... so its a tall cake... Eleena gave me sample that she copied from the Net, however we are not good in copying it from the original design, so theres lot of difference. Glad Eleena still like the cake. Thanks Eleena for the order, and thank Kak Elita for introducing me to your sister.

Cheese Cake

We do take order for cheese cake... and at the moment only Snickers Cheese Cake... and just deco with minimal decoration... thanks all for the order :)

Cute Cakes

To be honest, dah jarang dah deco cake with buttercream icing....customer kebanyakan nya opt for fondant cake. Tapi masih ada peminat juga...thanks all for the order :)

Fairy Cake

Its a huge and tall cake...berat yg amat... sangat suka kek ni...topping with buttercream and only the figurine is fondant... thanks dear for the order :)

Number 1 Cake

For Caliph's 1st birthday.... Thanks Leila :)

Superheroes Cake

Superheroes in da house.... :) thanks all for the order.

Wedding Cake

Woohoooo...its our first attempt... First time received order utk kek mcm ni...excited sgt sgt... selama ni dok nengok je org lain punya kek mcm ni... berjaya buat walaupun there are room for improvement...thanks syeera for the order...


We seldom received order for Hantaran Cake or Wedding Cake... Almost 70% of order received are Birthday cakes. But it doesnt mean that we dont take hantaran cake, while someone order, definitely the answer will be yes...

Congrats to all the couples and thanks a lot :)

Angry Birds Cake

Yes, its Angry Birds again...i think it is the hottest game in town... Thanks all for the order :)

Sesame street in the house...

I like this cake so much... first time ever making this kind of cake design... hopefully Zarif, Amna and Naufal like it too...
Thanks for the order :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

as salam semua, very sorry sebab i know i havent clear my mailbox. but at this moment we are having family matters. my mum in law is not well and warded at Kuala lipis Hospital. We pray for her speedy recovery. Till then, sorry again and thanks so much for your continous support.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hear Yee! Hear Yee!

Introducing our new logo...:) yes many other alreayd have their own logo, company name and business card..unlike me n poek...we both move slowly... yet consistently... and hopefully wont stop..its a milestone for us...

thomas the tank engine

I love this cake so much... ehheh ni cake pertama thomas buat style macam ni... Gie bagitau lebih kurang cemana dia nak kek ni, and we came out with this... gie collect cake ni dari office poek di cyberjaya...and terus sms ila bgtau yg dia rasa nak pengsan sbb nengok kek ni... heheh ila reply bgtau "kalau nak pengsan sebab suka sangat takpe, kalau nak pengsan sbb kek ni roboh, ila pun nak pengsan juga" heheh bukan nya apa, sebenarnya kami memang pernah ada experience kek roboh... to be exact our first 2 tiers cake, Barney beralih sket sampai rosak..

anyway, thanks so much gie :)

hotwheel cake

Ordered by Ilyana... someone yg dah recommend us to few friends but she admitted to me that she never ordered from me but had tasted my cake in one of my customer's house so she confident to recommend me to others. And this time around she ordered 2 cakes from us. a number 40 cakes and this hotwheel.

Thanks so much Ilyana for the order as well as being a 'marketer' for us. :)