Friday, May 2, 2014

Cake Challenge 2014

Alhamdulillah, we got the chance to enter the competition and it is our first time ever to join such an event. It was one tough fight.. with all the great cake artist well known in Malaysia. 17 of us join the competition and fight fairly... Through this competition I had the chance to know in person some of Malaysia's top cake artist such as Zam akmal from MAC, Jasper, Karen and many more which are very talented and their design and creativity are like crazy cool.. They came from all over the country to fight for the 1st place. I learn a lot from this competition which is very usefull. and hopefully we can give a better fight next time around.. yeahh!!

here are some of the pictures captured during the event and the cakes...

a selfie with the 1st and 3rd winner..  Jasper and Karen

me and Zam.. the 2nd place winner

me and my humble cake.. got 10th place for my first time entering the competition

the details were shocking..

this one by louis.. i like the real look on the pebbles.. nice work man!

judging process