Thursday, June 27, 2013

BSS Top 10

This cake was ordered from my U friend.. Saz for her company.. it was one huge and heavy cake..  almost or maybe more than 10kg.. huhuhu.. better have a ground floor working place in the future.. or get some staff to assist me in carrying this kind of cake next time.. hihih

it's kind of a cute cake for a company launch isn't it? :)

see all the lollipop around the cake?.. it's full of colors.. I like it!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

superman is flying

how to make a flying superman on your cake? well.. it is quite hard if you try to make it fly all the way like really, really flying right?.. so we came out with this design to the client, and she loves it.. enjoy!!

it's flying on the side
another superman for the day

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a daring suprise as a pre-wedding gift

we received the order from our family friend, and university colleague.. It was for their staff. she is getting married, and not so long before, she did receive a nice 'reference' gift for her wedding.. :D
well.. to make this situation comes alive into a cake.. our friend Fishie assigned us to make the cake.. and we thanked her for the honour given.. and here it is, sorry if some of you readers find this a bit obscene.. please keep your underage friends or family away from looking please.. thank you~!!
tempting eyes....

whatcha looking at?

Oh my... those are? positions?

no wonder the calculator stays at zero...

Monday, June 24, 2013

mickey mouse clubhouse

here's an order received from the die hard fan of previous twilight saga.. the chief!..  Azlina.. before this we've made these for all the twilighters coming for the premiere.. and now, we cater for her kid's first birthday.. It's a mickey mouse cake..
there's a lot of figurine there..
have fun playing with the figurine Wildan

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ultraman vs Raksasa di tepi KLCC

the title itself tells everything that I to know and to prepare for this cake.. hehe, it is one  of the cool theme that we ever had for a cake.. this cake was ordered for a double birthday, mustaqim  & muszafar.. hope that they love it as we do...
protect the KLCC ultraman!!

the monster that I make for this set is a bit tricky..
It looks a bit like a dinosaur.. yah, that was what my kids told me
and they even advise me to change the monster to other 'real'
ultraman enemy monster look a like next time

but still I like this monster so much :D

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Barney cake in the house!

Sha our friendly and repeat customer return with another order for her daughter Arissa. this time We make the Red Velvet cake for her with lots of cream cheese filling inside.. it's about 4 layers of cake in total if I'm not mistaken.. (yaa.. quite a while for me to update this on the blog, so I might forgot something..huhu sorry~!!)

She loves the cake so much.. :), and that's the most important thing right?!
as it is meant for a girl, we add
a few yellow flowers to match the cake's overall look

Sha requested the base to be yellow, it fit perfectly with
the purple Barney... :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

A wedding cake for a friend's client

We received the order like a few weeks before the big day. it was a yellow 'sakura' like flower.. hihihi.. I wonder how that should look... so, after we get the right sample and reference.. we came out with this for the lovely couple.. hope they like it as we love this set so much.. thanks Dila for the cool idea..
we make sure that the flowers from
every angle of the cake were nicely arrange

albino sakura?