Sunday, January 12, 2014

Raisa's birthday

Sorry for the late update, here's another castle cake from us and made for this lovely girl, Raisa.. it's for her 4th birthday. like years before.. or every year, her mom will plan the party a month earlier and in the process, she'll be making and preparing all the necessary elements to suit the theme. she made it all by herself.. and this time its a purple-lavender-violet princess theme! I love the decorations and our cake suits in and blend into their look and feel perfetly!

thanks Faizah for the continuos support and your trust in our product! :)

taken from Faizah's facebook

Saturday, January 4, 2014


We will be conducting classes in the art of making bread and pastry through out the year. Interested participants are welcome to apply for the classes. limited seat available per class. to ensure that everyone get to understand and capture the technique and input given.

here are a few suggested date for the classes on the 1st quarter of the year
(subject to change):-

Basic Breads (3 types of bread)
25 January 2014

Breakfast Pastries (3 types)
7 & 8 February 2014

Tarts (3 type of Tart)
22 February 2014

Basic French Pastries (3 types)
1 March 2014

Advance Bread (preferment process)
15 March 2014

Cakes, Gateau (3 cakes)
28 & 29 March 2014