Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cinderella and baby mickey cake

It was a long distance order and was requested at least 2 month ago by khalilah for her 2 kids.. we felt very honoured to be chosen to do the cake for them.. with all the trust and hope given to us, we did our best to make them happy through our cakes..

when we deliver the cake the best moment would be seeing the birthday boy and girl's expression.. if they are happy, we are much more happier and hopefully the parents too.. :)

here are the cakes for them
a two tier cinderella cake

a closre look on cinderella..

baby mickey cake for Mikail

happy birthday for both Maisya & Mikail

Saturday, April 27, 2013

thomas and friends!!

It was a cut-out faces for thomas and friends decorated on top of this cake. It was for the twins Ameer & Emran.. it was not long ago when we make their 1st birthday cake.. the toy story cake, our very first if I'm not mistaken.. hihi.. thanks Annie for the order..

the design was drafted and drawn for us and we just follow it..
so, credit to Annie for the nice design :)


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Golf themed cupcake

We received this order from someone live nearby our place.. it's a super last minute order. I can't recall the exact time actually but it is already late at night when I replied to his email saying that we agreed to make the cake. lucky him that we don't have any big order on that day so he got what he want for the cake.. it is for his boss.. good job bro~!

25 pieces chocolate cupcakes - golf theme

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lightning McQueen has returned~!!

this is our latest Lightning McQueen cake ordered for Qhaliff's 3rd birthday.. the mother asked us to make both big cake and cupcakes to accomodate their guest..  it's an honour for us to be entrusted to bake and decor the cake for their son's birthday.. thanks

this is such a task to hand drawn all the cupcakes with lightning mcqueen.. but it's worth it :)
drawing is my theraphy.. yeah!!

Qhaliff's McQueen

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bumblebee in the house

we are so excited to make this cake.. it is our first ever bumblebee cake. took us in total 7 hours to make the cake from baking to shaping and finally decorating it with all the details..  and using my son's toy as the sample..

actually this was ordered during the weekday.. so, right after my class at A.P.A.M I rushed back home to make this cake..  and I was so excited to make it without noticing that it is already 3.30am when  it's finished.. heheh

we really hope that the customer was satisfied with our outcome as we do.. :) but still there's a lot of room for improvement. thanks for the order
top view

front view...
captured from my instagram.. sorry, not so clear ya.. the plat no is ADE108

Monday, April 22, 2013

barney and friends

we received this order from a colleague to our close friend CS and EJ at AT&T..  last order that we receive from the company members was unfortunately have to be rejected as we had an emergency case at that time.. my father in law had fall sick and hospitalized...
so, this is actually the first time we make a cake for one of them... hopefully the cake meets their expectation and bring joy to the little one :)

the mother asked us to make the cake as proposed to us earlier..
here's our version of barney and friends cake

Thursday, April 18, 2013

cakes and cookies for Aalesya

We received the order from Ila's junior, a good friend since high school.. it was quite a task as we need to prepare 1 barbie cake, set of cookie and a set of cupcake for their daughter Aalesya. Here are the outcome of them all.. enjoy~!!

lovely barbie cake with blue and pink color theme

cupcakes!!.. with blue and pink ladybird... :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Melati is now 5

Lily is our friendly and loyal customer.. it was such a great news when she requested us for Melati's birthday cake last month with a new theme for us.. the chippets!!yey!!, we're very excited to receive the request and for sure this is another milestone for us..  Lily requested for delivery too and with all the care we had given to the cake, we have to make sure that this cake won't collapse like her previous cake... the rapunzel tower we made a few years back.. huhuhu..

*tips for successfully delivering cake

and finally, we arrived at her house and managed to deliver the cake safely. luckily, all our cake are now enforced and more stable.. and Melati's cake is as good as before.. here are the picture of the birthday girl and her cake..

one of the chippets...

the completed cake..

Melati and her cake

* extra tips for transporting cake...
1- drive max 20 to 30km/h at bumpy area. make way for other vehicles as you will be annoyingly slow to other road user.. :)
2- never ever make any emergency brake.. or avoid having one..
3- as you'll be driving slow as snail.. please don't feel bored or even worse sleepy.. it's extremely dangerous!!
4- plan your way and timing to the delivery point.. so no one will be worried (lost or cake not delivered on time)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dora and Diego

We received the order from Pn. Asmahani for her children.. there were 2 cakes actually but one of it has been posted earlier... it was the angry birds cake. and now, I'm showing another cake ordered by this lovely mother for NurDarwisyah and Farhan.. The Dora and Diego cake... we are very excited making this cake. it's a rainbow layer cake with both dora and diego figurine on top..

from time to time, we learn by experimenting and applying the things we learn both professionally and by self taught. and the things that we understand by heart is absolutely priceless. this experience were then applied to our product to ensure that they are at the highest quality for our customer..

we hope that this cake bring joy to the family.. thanks Pn asmahani for the order..

dora and diego

Saturday, April 13, 2013

superman cupcakes...

A former colleague order this cake for her friend's wedding.. this is one of a kind of cupcake for wedding I guess :) unique and style right?.. well, it doesn't matter what your preference are and how extreme the design you want.. InsyaAllah we'll try our best to make your dream cake comes true..

All in all it much more worthy when the client satisfied with our product.. thanks Sofia and husband, and Hajar for introducing us to this lovely couple

a few month later, Sofia returns with a another superman themed cake.. thanks dear



Friday, April 12, 2013

3D figurine class

Due to short notice of the class, most of the interested participant requested to have another date for the short course, and some requested another theme/ character to be taught.. your suggestion for the class is much appreciated.. at the moment I'm planning to have these few class for next coming month. limited number of student available.. so, book now for:-

1. 12th May 2013 - Human Figurine class - how to make a pose able character (participant can choose your preferable superhero / human figure to be made)

2. 19th May 2013 - Cute Animals class - learn how to make cute and cuddly animal figurine for your cakes and decorations.

the process is still the same, just email us at or for enquiries...


Dear readers..

We will conduct a class for 3D figurine making with the theme of angry birds and pocoyo for next saturday and sunday..  Limited number of student per class. interested participant please email us at or for enquiries.

Here's the details of the classes

2 days session:-
Saturday, 13th April 2013 - Angry Birds:- 3 hours class from 9am to 12pm
Sunday, 14th April 2013 - pocoyo/boboiboy:- 5 hours class from 9am to 3pm with 1 hour lunch break (12pm to 1pm)

the price list:-
3 hours -  Angry Birds : RM280
5 hours - Pocoyo and Friends : RM350

bundled package (2 days [8 hours] : RM550)

*please bring along your own basic modelling tools if available.



Friday, April 5, 2013

Wedding cakes..

Here's a few cakes from few couples for their wedding since few month back.. there's a lot of few in this sentence huh? hihi.. well, let's enjoy them. thanks to all my client for the orders...

ordered for a wedding in Pahang
pink hantaran cake..

a two tier wedding cake  with pink lillies and other flowers..

Monday, April 1, 2013

New cake in the house

There's a few new flavor we have in the house.. but not yet ready to accept orders as of now.. anyway, please email us if you are interested. all this are not adviseable to decorated extremely like the other cakes that we have ya..  :)

1. moka cake  - coffee flavored cake with moka buttercream filling

2. blackforest - chocolate almond sponge cake with chantilly cream topping

3. opera cake - chocolate glazed cake with layers of tasty jaconde biscuit and coffee buttercream