Monday, April 26, 2010

Princess Birthday Party

Pic : Courtesy from Bingkisan

Ordered by Dilla from Bingkisan for Princess Safiya birthday party.

I am happy that all cupcakes turn out cute and as I expected...

I am happy too as the birthday girl and her mum, as well as the trusted event planner happy and satisfied with my castle... I was really really down to tears the night before as the castle didnt turn out as I expected. Gosh, it was tremendously a memorable experience for me playing with the icing. How I wish I made it from fondant which I believe it would be nicer with those castle towers. But it's ok, at last we've got quite decent castle here.

Fondant flowery cupcakes

Anniversary fondant cake

Pocoyo fondant cake

Ordered by Maya, a wife to hubby's koleq friend. His son really really love pocoyo. I am delighted looking at Adam's face when delievring the cake.

I think the last time I met Maya was in year 2007 during one of the Old Boy weekend in Kuala Kangsar.
Thanks Maya and Ajie for the order.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Syasya!

Pic No 1: Courtesy from Mai and Zaimi.

Syasya is always and adorable girl... I love her so much...I believe that she is syahmi's first girl friend ever since they both in my and mai's belly. When Mai told me that she would like to have a princess cake for her, I was fine though I was expected that she would like to have standing Barbie cake, but Mai keep telling that she wish to have another big party together with Aqil's birthday later and i must make myself ready for the standing Barbie Cake.

Whoever followed did blog would realize, this is the first time that I use edible image..OMG I love edible image... So to those out there who would like to get a cake with an edible image, i do take order for cake with edible image too ye ...
I am so happy that Syasya lover her cake and cupcakes. Thanks Mai for your endless support. may our friendship last forever. :)

To Syasya, Happy 4th Birthday Princess!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Upin Ipin Cupcakes

Ordered by Junn, Junn actually a friend of my dear friend (Kak Jeiny) during my school days at SMSD. Kak jeiny is more than friend to me, she is a dear sister.

Therefore whenever Junn nak beli cake, I have the soft spot for kak Jeiny, thats why la cupcakes ni 16 ketul je... ehhehe walhal selalu nya my set must 25pcs.

Jun kindly smsed me later on the day itself that the cupcakes were nice and finished dalam masa yg sekejap. Junn beli ni just untuk anak-anak nya makan.

Thanks Jun for the order, and glad that your kids like it :)

Crown Cake...

Ordered by Ilyana, inspired by the Pooh design that we've made earlier for Orange's sister. But Ilyana had changed few elements...

Ilyana was the first 2nd customer yang submit design for RizqCakes to materialize it. First one was my friend mimi yang also particular and normally will have it sketch on paper.
Thanks Ilyana for the order, she smsed me later and informed that she loves the cake.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Super heroes cupcakes and Ben 10 cupcakes

Ben 10 is boys favorite. Pizli (introduced by wan saizatul aizan) ordered 2 sets of Ben10 for his son's birthday. Thanks Pizli for the order, and also many thanks to wan yang selalu introduce kan my cakes to her friends...
SUPER HEROES cupcakes...ordered by Zehan to celebrate he birthday with her office mate. Thanks Zehan and Happy Birthday to you...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Animal Fondant Cake

Animal Fondant Cake and cupcakes ni ordered by Maiz for her son's birthday....

Thanks Maiz for the order.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Beatricia!!!

last minute order from my dear friend Darlene... Ila kebetulan takde order for that day, and darlene request for simple and sweet design...

Glad to hear that darlene loves the cuppies...

thanks darlene...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fondant Cupcakes

Orange ordered for her beloved aunt..dengan theme perempuan suka work out... I hope u like this set Orange...

Thanks so much for your endless support. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Princess cake

Ordered by Amin Hapis, for his anak2..untuk saje saje nak makan di rumah...
Thanks Amin..Thanks Kak Zana tolong promote kan..ehhehe

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse cupcakes

Thanks Bingkisan :)

Pooh Cake

Thanks Orange for the order..Hope your sis likes it.

Girlish mini cupcakes

Usually I dont take order for mini cupcakes unless for vey simple design ie just small swirl with M&M, but since this one is requested my associate partner (chewah partner gitu) from Bingkisan... so I made a small set for her...
Thanks Dilla n Nadia for the order...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TM Rewards Cake

At first Fara ordered 3 types of cakes "papa cake, mama cake and anak cake" macam event Chill Out event yang lepas... tp disebab kan venue baru2 ni di Alamanda, Alamanda's management tak benarkan buat aktiviti makan kat area Fara terpaksa order 1 je as a symbolic for the evnt... Glad that she like it very much..
Thanks Fara for the order, and thanks for your support...

Runner fondant cake

Ni actually for my sister 'Rina'... Rina recently baru wakil sekolah dlm sukan di peringkat daerah...very active and promising... so she had big birthday celebration at labis...

its kinda last minute preparation...therefore my aunt only informed me about the party 3 days before it...I was kinda quite busy at office. so her figurine pun last minute siap..kek nya pun simple aje...
My aunt request nak ada trek larian dan ada girl tgh berlari... hehheh sorry ek tukang buat kek nya amatur...nak buat org sedang berlari... tp bila dah siap macam org tgh buat split pulak...heheh

Takpe janji Rina and semua suka kek ni... kami pun happy nengok semua suka kek ni....Hadiah dari kami buat Rina...