Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you nurses and Doctor

Last minute order from Rossita, sbb anaknya masuk hospital.... Thanks Rossita for the order :) Hope your son dah sihat...

Sometimes why I can accept last minute order ? Basically there are few reasons:-
1) That week tak terlalu byk order
2) Simple design
3) Me and my family takde outing plan

I can take last minutes order especially if its cupcakes with buttercream deco...sbb nya cupcakes cepat masak and cepat sejuk so cepat boleh di deco. Unlike cake besar, I need time nak sejuk kan cake baru boleh deco. And Ila memang kena surrender tak dpt nak ambil last minute order for fondant cake...untuk baker and designer amatur mcm ila ni, kena ada masa utk trial and error... so harap harap my potential customer paham ye. Tapi kalau nak kek besar juga for last minute order, please discuss with me on the design ye.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's support :)

Aurora and Bob the Builder

Fazliatul ordered cake ni untuk dua org anak nya Aisha and Afif..sebelah cake choc moist, and sebelah lagi butter cake... Very good idea Ila rasa kalau nak gabungkan dua org punya birthday... Thanks Fazliatul for the order and nice meeting you :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1st birthday - Mickey Mouse and Number 1 Cake

Ordered by Kak Zas, Kak zas is one of my repeat customer. I like the challenge given. Never done any Numer cake. So this is my first one. So I am totally excited.... yeyy another reason for me to buy new baking tray. I personally love the outcome... I like this cake and am glad Danish likes his cake too...

Thanks Kak zas for the order and thanks for always be my supporter.

Golf - Choc moist cake

Ordered by Kak Abby for her darling hubby... Masa ila htr tempah edible image gambar abg sharin ni, siap kawan ila ckp "wah handsome nya customer ko ni"...hehheh memang abg sharin handsome, tapi kak abby pun lawa macam barbie doll... One of romantic couple yang ila kenal...
Malam tu Kak Abby sms "Ila, tq so much. Abg Sharin and kidz livs all d cakes so much. Cantik cake abg sharin sayang nak potong".

Tw kak abby, am so happy bila dapat tau abg sharin and kids suka kek tu...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teacher's Day Cupcakes

Ordered by Kak Na for her kids to bring to school. Thanks Kak Na for the order.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Princess Cupcakes

Happy Birthday to Zura and Ira... With Disney Princess and Barbie edible image as requested by Zura.
Thanks Zura for the order. :)

Teacher's Day Cupcakes

Larger order from SM USJ 4 through my cousin Kak Na. Thanks Kak Na for your repeat order and your support ..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cake surfer vs hotbabe

Ordered by Dilla, my associate aka my loyal customer, to be presented to her dear friend. Dilla pesan nak kek kecik aje, with a surfer on top of it and perempuan pakai bikini...
hopefully si penerima kek itu bergembira dan teruja dgn kek nya...

thanks Dilla for your support...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Unifi Cupcakes

Last Minute order last minute order by Mimi for Unifi event. 800pcs cupcakes in individual dome for an event at TM Point.

tp kaler icing biru tu terang sgt, should be gelap sket...ok Mimi I will improve myself ye... anyway thanks so much for the opportunity and your support... muahssss

btw, pics telah dicilok dari FB mimi sbb baker tak sempat nak ambil gambar, busy sgt... mimi, aku cilok tau...tqqqq

Little Einstein Cake

Ordered by zara... a repeat customer of mine. Thanks zara for the order.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Aisya Safia

Sherry first time ordered from me, for her 3 years old daughter Aisya Safia.
Glad to know that they love the cake and cupcakes.
Thanks Sherry :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Cupcakes

Happy Family and Shrek

Ordered by Noralisa, for her son's birthday. Hope you like it. Thanks.

Ordered by Ika

Thanks Ika for the order... Glad to hear from Ika that all kids are excited eating the cupcakes. and Ika terus place an order of 1 set for her hubby to be delivered next week.

Thanks Ika for the order.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hotwheel Cake

For Danish 6th Birthday...

Her parents wanted a cake with buttercream topping with a 3D car...
Glad to hear that the birthday boy and the rest of invitees love the cake.

Thanks to Bingkisan for introducing my cake to the customer.

Twilight Cupcake

My 2nd twilight cupcakes set...

Ordered by Kak Linda... Kak Linda is my ex manager ...she is very friendly and humble...

thanks kak linda for your support.

Ben10 Cupcakes and Animal cupcakes

Ordered by Mimi's sister... memang the customer request for the cupcakes to be arranged like this...

Go! Go! Power Rangers

Ordered by Zara for her son's birthday...A rainbow marble topped with Choc Ganache... According to Zara the cake was hit among the children during the birthday party.

Alhamdulillah... Thanks Zara for the order.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Miza Husna!

Her Birthday Theme was 'Orange'...

So we've made her a girl figurine with orange dress.. Glad that U-un love the cake...