Thursday, May 30, 2013

3rd Anniversary cake

the cake was ordered by a lovely lady for her anniversary celebration. she wanted something cute and have all the element of their 3 year's together.. and the latest with the addition of their bundle of joy.. so I decided to make the decoration with royal icing. it was quite fun doodling around the cake.. especially when drawing some landmarks that I can only see in pictures for now.. I wonder when can I get the chance to go there.. travel all around the world.. hmmm.. soon maybe... aminnn~!!
Jimbaran, Bali.. I've been there too

London, not yet...

Paris, not yet...

Switzerland, I have a problem to draw Switzerland as the most prominent
about swiss is their landscape..and I don't have enough space for that in here.. huhu, sorry!!

Aisya Safia's birthday

this cake was made for Aisya's birthday.. we received quite a number of Ana Muslimah decorated cake now a day.. but with no daughter in the house, it's quite a rare character for us.. hihi. no worries, it's a good things to know.. and there's google for this anyway.. right?

a simple drawn cake with cute little flowers for Aisya

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1 Direction cake

We received the request to make the cake at the very last minute... like tomorrow they need it. I was like, oh my.. and with the time and resources limitation, the client agreed with our suggestion and recommendation.. so, there are no figurine of all the 1D, no edible image.. but we have all these that can be made quite fast on the cake.. and Alhamdulillah, our client loves it.. :)

dulu belajar buat 3D animation,
skang buat 1D cake pun dah boleh.. hehehe!!

Lightning McQueen and Mater

Lightning McQueen and Mater are two of our most produced vehicle... yes, we love them so much! even our youngest kid is a diehard fan for this character.. he collected almost half of the character you can find in the cars 2 movie.. and for Ariel, this 2 figurines become his toy while everyone else eating the cake as what per informed to us by his mother.. hihihi!

Thanks Kak Niza  for your trust in us to make the cake for your son..

one of my attempt to make as close resemblance to the real Mater..
but there are still lots of improvement that can be made.

total weight was approx. 6kg+ one heavy cake indeed

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

snoopy face!!

this snoopy cake was ordered by Jane for her friend.. I still remembered that my wife used to have a complete collection of snoopy toy from McDonald... but, we left them in our old house.. hmm.. actually this is not the final photo.. I forgot to take picture of the final product... huhuh sorry!

Happy birthday Kathy!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

The ultraman need to join forces to beat this nasty monster!

The cake is in danger of being eaten by the red hungry monster, luckily Aqif knows the right solution by calling in two of his favourite ultraman to beat the culprit during his birthday.. here comes ultraman tiga & ultraman hikari to the rescue.. (hehe.. "merapu" mode)

"piu piu piu!!! fire at will hikari!!" ultraman tiga

"this is not fair.. 2 vs 1!" red monster

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ninjago cupcake for Adiff

Hehe.. remember last ninjago cupcake ordered by our friend effa & min for their kids?.. well.. it was not enough.. this time around, Adiff went all the way begging to his mother to buy him another set of ninjago cupcake.. so sweet~!! I'm touched.. and feel honoured to do it again for them..

And now, to make sure that my cake meets the standard requirement for a hardcore ninjago fan, I asked my eldest son (also another fan of ninjago) to do a quick quality check before going to school.. ya lah!.. they know what to expect from this more than us.. huhuhu

our second ninjago buttercream d├ęcor cupcake set

Syahmi is judging the cake design.. and commenting..

all in all, he said.. I passed!! whew~!!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ayra Erina's birthday!

this is one lovely cake that we made for Ayra Erina. she is so in love with all the girls stuff..
top view

a closer look on the girl..

that's a lot of pink ya.. have fun!!
hope that she had fun during the party and enjoy our cake..
thanks for the order Kak Aini..



Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Cousin's wedding

The request was kept secret between us and the bride & groom.. they want to keep it low profile.. hehe (aye aye chief!) the "hantaran", a gift on their solemnization was 2  cakes resembling the place that they want to go.. one with the winter sonata theme and the other one is for umrah in mecca. we're excited to know about their big day and honored to be assigned with the job for making their cakes for the  whole event.

this are their cakes.. enjoy!!
winter sonata theme.. a couple making snowman

couple pray at the kaaba

their wedding cake.. with red and cream theme..

love birds and roses..

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

barbie cake for Adani

Sorry for the late update on our blog, it's been a fun week with some great orders received from our lovely customer..
Barbie with pink and blue dress
here's one of them. a Barbie cake for Adani.. she loves the cake so much and the Barbie too and even sleep with the Barbie after that.. huhuhu.. thanks naza and family for the order