Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Cousin's wedding

The request was kept secret between us and the bride & groom.. they want to keep it low profile.. hehe (aye aye chief!) the "hantaran", a gift on their solemnization was 2  cakes resembling the place that they want to go.. one with the winter sonata theme and the other one is for umrah in mecca. we're excited to know about their big day and honored to be assigned with the job for making their cakes for the  whole event.

this are their cakes.. enjoy!!
winter sonata theme.. a couple making snowman

couple pray at the kaaba

their wedding cake.. with red and cream theme..

love birds and roses..


cikpia said...

the figurines are awesome!!!!

Faraash said...

The ka'bah is awesome Allahumma barik!!