Tuesday, September 27, 2011

kak ros present for her upin and ipin

Kak Ros here is Irdawati.. the one who ordered the cake. her nephew used to call her kak ros.. i wonder why?.. hehe. anyway this is their cake. enjoice!

Monday, September 26, 2011

maira's aqiqah and birthday combo!

These were ordered by our loyal customer maria and this time the theme is pink polkadot! a few cakes and cupcakes were decorated for the event. thanks maria for the order

lightning mcqueen fever

like angry birds, here's another favourite cake for the month.. lightning mcqueen!! kechaww!!

angry birds

this is the trend now i think, everyone loves angry birds.. hehe, here's our version of angry birds for multiple owner...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2 tiers wedding cake

I am so in love with cake...i love the flower so so much... Kak Linda, a former boss, a friend, a sister and a supporter of mine ordered this cake for her niece. Thanks so much kak linda for the order, I am happy to know that you guys love the cake.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Everyone Connect Cake

Alhamdullilah, Fara fro event department still trusting us in preparing a big cake for TM's event. I forgot to measure the size, it pretty big and we are satisfied with the outcome.

This time around Fara requested for "birthday theme for Fella and Felli".

Thanks so much Fara, and TM too :)

Handbags cake

A cute design for a sweet lady. Thanks so much for the order.

Transformer cake - Optimus Prime

Ordered by Ika for her beloved son Qais, to celebrate his bday at school. a combination of choc moist and rainbow vanilla cake. a big cake for 70 pax.

I hope Qais excited and like his cake as much as we do. Its our first Optimus Prime figurine and we are really proud of it.

Thanks Ika for being a loyal customer to us and for trusting us.

Princess Cake and By the Beach Cake

Another princess with edible image cake for pushpa's daughter. Pushpa ordered twice during our fasting month, first for her husband and 2nd for her daughter's bday celebration at McD Taipan.

My friendship with Pushpa started with a mere coincidence when I mistakenly add Pushpa as my FB friends, I thought this pushpa is my old friend Pushpa Al-Bakri. Pushpa did ordered for Jualan Tabung Amal Norma 2 months ago, and since that she is one of my loyal customer.

Thanks so much Pushpa for your support. and may our friendship will last forever.

cupcake comel

Cupcakes comel untuk yang tersayang...

2 ladies in Indian costume

raudhah, another repeat customer of ours ordered this cake for her girlfriends. Requested the girls in Indian Costume with a pic of Sydney Opera House. From the photos she sent to us, we've noted that her firends did performed and Indian dance at that remarkable place...

Raudhah is such a sweet lady, giving pressie to her friends...Alhamdullilah they are happy with the cake :) Thanks once again Raudhah.