Friday, August 23, 2013

Bald headed boy riding a bicycle

Quite a catchy theme I can say for this request right? hihihi.. now it is a bit tricky to make the figurine.. how can it be done ya? anyway, based on our experience making a lot of type and pose of figurine, we managed to pull it through.. actually, I can say it is one of our best  so far..

And the cake is a buttercream cake with lots of butterfly along the side of the cake.. I wonder how the reaction of this boy when he received this cake.. hopefully he'll loves it as we do.
I'm riding a bicycle!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Manchester United girl

This is the second MU girl cake we've made, but this one is a muslimah.. and it's on a set of cupcakes.. requested by our friend, Wan Saizatul for her friend Aida on her birthday.
It's a cute girl figurine

with jersey and logos

Happy birthday Aida

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

a princess at school

This was ordered by our friend from Manggis for her daughter.. Kasih... She loves the cake so much and it is our first kindergarten cake.. as always, this is like a day before order.. a cliché from Fishie.. hehe. anyway we're quite happy with the outcome.. thanks for the order Fishie!!
sopan je princess ni kan..

Q'dees theme color..

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

teacher's day

This one is truly an old entry.. I am sorry for not able to upload it on time.. but, this one has a personal touch from my son, Syahmi insisted to make the cake for his teachers on teacher's day..
for his beloved ustaz and ustazah(s).. happy teacher's day

getting ready to go to school
(with Hafiz drinking his favourite susu mamama kaler pink))

learn to make delicious Tarts

A few months back, I had a one to one quiche class specially requested by my sister in law, another baker in Setiawangsa. It was a fruitful session with delicious quiche made for dinner that day. We had a great day making the tart. She is such a great student and now she had started teaching quiche for her crowd..

filling up the tarts

sorry.. I got no other pictures as we were tight up with the session

Anyone interested to learn the art of making tarts or any other pastry arts, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm available for class from Monday to Thursday every week, insyaAllah... We are also open for orders..

Here are some of the list of things that can be learned or orders:-

fresh fruit tart

Chocolate tart

bite size fruit tart

Apple pie

Pear Tart

Linzer Tart

Quiche tart