Monday, May 28, 2012

white and green wedding cake

 ordered by Julissa, i like this design is simple and clean yet elegant.... and Alhamdulillah the cake safely arrived to Kuantan. Thanks Ija yg tolong deliver kan the cake.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Boboiboy and Yaya

Tomeiiiiii nya boboiboy and yaya ni...a rainbow layer cake with 2 figurines on top... thanks dear for the order :)

Smurfs in the House...

Puas pikir, siapa gerangan yang order kek smurf ni...i do remember her face, tp mungkin byk sgt urat saya dah putus, terus tak dpt recall nama tuan punya cake ni...anyway thanks so much for the order.

Ni rainbow layer cake... first time buat smurf mcm ni... Alhamdulillah tuan punya cake suka :) terima kasih ye.

Pink lily wedding tiers

 Its for my sister's wedding last weekend, the reason why this blog silent for so long... being the youngest in the family, I am very very excited to prepare a nice and sweet deco cake for her... wanted a simple design. We came out with this...

Adik, may U and Hairil live happily ever after... amin...

3 tiers channel cake

3 tiers Channel Cake, inspired by a photo that Faiezah shared with me... i just make the cake, the rest of deco done by Faiezah. 

Terkesima melihat betapa detail nya table setting, aaa cantik nya... terima kasih Faizah for the order.

Note : gambar2 ni ehsan dari Nadya.

Guitar Musical Cake

 This guitar cake ordered by Dr Ainul, basically she was being specific on what she terms of color and decoration elements for the cake. we just materialized it... Alhamdullilah, another satisfied customer of ours.

Thanks Dr Ainul for the order :)

Barbie Mermaid

I love this Barbie mermaid, to be precised I love Barbie so much... Thanks dear for the order... :)

Dora The Explorer Cake

Ordered by Nana, Nadya's cousin. Nadya is my friend from TM, a very supportive friend indeed. Si comel Hannah very happy to get the cake. Nana purposely request for both 2D and 3D Dora, as she want Hannah to be able to hold Dora and of course Diego. Nana kata Hannah happy betul dpt Diego nya...

Thanks so much Nana and Nadya :)

One Direction Cake

One Direction cake ordered by Datin Huslina for her lovely daughter, Elis. Thanks Kak Na for your continous support :)

Angry Birds in the House!!!

 Angry Birds in the house again. Ordered by Juliaty, i think this is second time Juliaty order dari kami... 2 biji Angry Birds cake. Thanks so much Juliaty :)

Rainbow Theme Party

 Rainbow theme party...

design utk cake and cupcakes ni mmg dah di predetermined by Shu... rainbow layer cake frosting with Cream Cheese... selalu nya rainbow layer kami topping with buttercream icing. tapi untuk simple deco mcm ni boleh je guna cream cheese. used 1kg cheese utk topping tu...

Alhamdulillah Shu and family puas hati. Terima kasih Shu :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ipad Cake

In my post earlier, i mentioned that i couldnt find the ipad pic cake yg TJ ordered earlier. and very nice of her bila dpt tau thru my blog, terus email to me. Thanks so much TJ. really appreciate it :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

One Direction Cake

This One Direction cake ordered by TJ, a repeat customer of mine... i remember the first cake she ordered couple of months back was  an Ipad cake, unfortunately cant find the picture in our library...

A 1.2kg choc moist cake with 5 figurines. not easy actually to construct this. TJ want a small cake but must have those five figurines, then we came out with round shape sofa, and I think it came out pretty well.

Thanks TJ for the order and its a music to my ears when you told me that your sister very much delighted with this surprise birthday cake...

many many many more cakes

many customer of RizqCakes asked why their cakes not been displayed in our blog, is it because it just a common cake or not an outstanding design? Definitely all the answers above a wrong. The only reason is "myself and hubby couldnt find a right time to update the blog and upload the photos".

Many out there knew already that this is our part time home business. we both (myself and hubby) has a full time job. After not so long 5 years being in the business, hubby found his interest which is Sugar Arts. mind you, most of the cakes actually decorated and designed by Hubby. 

InsyaAllah in the near future, he will concentrate on the business as a fulltime cake decorator. and i hope, by then, all of you out there will keep supporting us and especially him...

we apologize for not being able to reply all your emails asap, or not able to take all orders. Hopefully, once Hubby go for fulltime, we will be able to serve more customers, provides more cakes selection, reply all emails quickly and of course update the blog faster... 

meanwhile please enjoy some our creations for April 2012. :)

Btw, we have to minimize order intake for May 2012 as my sister Marina is getting married on 19th May. and For June, we only able to take order for the 1st and 2nd weeks only as myself  and family InsyaAllah will go abroad for 2 weeks, starting from 20 June - 3rd July 2012.

As salam, and thanks for being with us.

3 tiers wedding cake - Sofia and Nasri

Sofia is a very beautiful bride... she is my former staff actually... very lucky for both of them Sofia and Nasri for being in each other hands. its a tall cake. First time for us to make this very tall cake. Inspired by someone else design, please forgive me, i do not know who created this design earlier as Sofia only give me a paper cutting of the cake picture. We've improvised here and there. and Alhamdullillah, it such a relieve and we are staisfied looking at the cake standing tall through out the reception at Tropicana. 

Thanks Sofia for believing in us. And may u and Nasri happy ever after.

3 tiers white wedding cake

3 tiers wedding cake for Elsa Dato' Baharum and Fariz...

Elsa ni suka something yg simple and modern, utk reception belah lelaki dia nak something white and in fact dia bagi sample gambar sebenarnya... tp gambar yang dia bagi tu kek nya menggunakan transparent tiers which i couldnt find nice tiers in KL, so terpaksa la guna tiers 3 tingkat yang biasa. Alhamdulillah both the bride and groom suka kan kek ni...

Thanks Caca and Fariz...