Wednesday, June 29, 2011

baby shower

we've got this large order.. 200pcs cupcakes in individual dome from dila.. this time we came up with new approach. bahaya jugak nak bawak banyak2 tu kalau butter cream and need to travel quite far.. so, fondant lah jawapannya, luckily we got few design yg match dgn requirement yg the client nak.. and here are some of the design.. lepas yg ke seratus.. dah tak larat nak ambik gamba.. so, apa yg ada je la kan..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thomas and James

Thomas and James.. this is our first time to draw James.. last time it was all Thomas.. and this lovely cakes are for Zakwan's 6th birthday... Hope the birthday boy loves this.. thanks :)

Hantaran Merisik

Another repeat order from Kak Na.. but this time it's for majlis merisik.. yeyy!! some one is getting married.. congrats kak na for getting another menantu.. insyaAllah.. and hope everyone loves the cake..

hello kitty

We love this hello kitty cake for Deena Natasha, it is simple yet very cute.. later we need to improve in getting it much more nicer and smoother, insyaAllah

Wall Climber!

Nomi ordered this cake for irma surprise birthday party and want it to look like a wall climber in action.. and hanging.. how should we do it? at first, we are quite blur.. but then, we remembered the DC cupcakes style of attaching their cupcakes on any shape of what ever thing they want. then we start making some frame to hold the cakes.. then come the tricky part.. to make the cupcakes hold on their spot.. after some trial and error, finally we managed to put it all together.. here it is..

Ben 10 cutout cake

We took quite a while to create this.. at first we are not willing to accept it as it was quite last minute. anyway, it's a challenge and after much consideration we decide to do it this way as this cake will go through a long journey to Kuantan so it can stay firm till it reach the destination. hopefully the client loves the cake and understand our concern to get the best and make them happy

Eija's 27th birthday

This cake was ordered for Eija on her 27th birthday.. hope she loves it.. thanks :)

princess cake

This cake was ordered for Diana as her birthday cake.. we purchased the lovely deco for the cake thru our friend staying in US (Kak Zan, thanks kak Zan). when we deliver it, the kids was so excited.. That expression really tell it all and we are happy with it. :)

Hippo is engaged

What a lovely theme.. that is what we had in mind once we received the order.. but, looking at it, it's a bit naughty is it? this set was ordered by the family member for the one celebrated. 2 lovely hippo.. Hope they love it and we are quite satisfied with the hippos.. :)

Handy-Grandpa-man cake

Dila and Mad ordered this cake for their father on his birthday. he is a handy man.. loves to 'bertukang' and DIY everything at home.. hopefully this cake meet their expectation and hope they like it. thanks!

hantaran bunga-bunga

sorry lama tak update.. banyak benda berlaku sepanjang 2 minggu ni.. anyway, enjoy our collection of cakes for these past 2 week.. this one is a hantaran bunga-bunga with purple and pink theme..