Friday, November 16, 2012

Hands on class with world champion in Sugar Arts

 ni cikgu buat.. there are mistakes happens everytime, but.. tips from the expert, jangan gabra! everything gonna be alright, everything can be adjusted and cover..
 there are participants from england, india and singapore joining the class..
 with Chef Notter, Chef Ko Wai and Chef Tan (Malaysian team)
 4 hours of work by my teacher..
 notice those chocolate display at the back?.. it's from another class with chef stephane treand.. eh cemana eja nama dia tak reti.. betul tu kot
 during the demo
 with chef notter and chefstephane
 certificate received from Chef G.. but, my name..wrong spelling laa.. Jean!!
 fairy by chef notter..
 my under the sea sugar display... 
 unfinished work.. see my swan neck standing tall.. but that wont last long..

 me and chef notter

 fairy tale by ewald notter.. i don't know what's the name, just making it up.. hehe
 under the sea
flowery dance - most of our swan's neck were distorted due to the strong humidity that day. hujan je.. huhu
last year sugar display design and handcrafted by chef notter... still intact and beautiful

I was browsing the school and courses available for pastry arts few months back. Earlier, my wife introduce me to few well known names that are master in their field of food art. from there i know the name of Ewald Notter, Ron Ben Israel and many more. Kalau nak search sendiri  memang not my forte la kan.. hehe.  in search for a course that suit my passion, suddenly i saw this Sugar Arts forum that will be hosted by the school that I was targeting to get in. sekali nampak pulak nama chef Ewald Notter tu as one of the teacher during the 6 days forum. cek2 tarikh .. waduhh!! serentak pulak dengan holiday yg dah lama kitorang plan nak gi sekeluarga.

huhu, tak puas hati, aku double confirm dgn Dat, my bro in law, hu.. lega.. ngam2 je time balik tu ada lagi satu session yg boleh join. tak boleh nak tamak2 buat 6 hari, 3 hari pun cukup la.. 

right after we'd arreived from GC that thursday morning, at 4am.. we headed home straight away and get ready for the class at 9am. huhuhu.. penat tak ilang lagi, sekali sampai kelas kena berdiri sepanjang hari.. hahah.. tapi working with sugar thats not only hot, but quite challenging for a first timer, memang tak sempat nak rehat.. it's a fast and continues job. furthermore, if we are continuously heating the isomalt mixture, there's no time to lose focus. tapi semua penat lelah tu berbaloi sebab dapat belajar dengan world champion.. huhuhu

And I had three fruitful day learning new things with best guidance and teaching by one of my idol in sugar art.. 


barbie cake

ordered by Faizah, another mum yg sgt creative bila organize party...this cake actually inspired by someone, Faizah whos the one yg predetermined the design. thanks Faizah for keep trusting us in making cakes for u and family :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Launching of GLAM SMILE MALAYSIA.... 

Cars Cake

Ordered by our repeat customer again, her son put a request for us to make 3 figurines... i believe, he had an awesome birthday celebration as his mum is really good in organizing a birthdya party...

owl and twinkle cake

i think, this is our first owl cake... i like it very much, it simple yet very nice. the design already predetermined by our customer. anyway, thanks so much for the order :)

more and more birthday cakes...

thanks semua for the order :)

2 tiers wedding cake

2 tiers wedding cake that we've prepared recently... sorry for not able to remember the cakes is made for whom.. anyway, thanks so much for the order :)