Wednesday, March 30, 2011

birthday cake

This cake was ordered by Dila for her friend.. Dila just delivered to a healthy baby girl, but still she didn't forget about the cake.. congrats Dila & Mad, and happy birthday to her friend..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cuti cuti mode

Hi All,

ila n poek sedang cuti-cuti mode with limited internet access, minta maaf kalau tak reply your email or queries ye. Will be back on 29th March.

Tq :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Heart Doctor and Sexy Missy

Hehe.. first time dengar tajuk pun kitorang dah teruja.. cemana nak design kek ni agaknya ek.. Kak Shana as the customer gives us freedom to design it with a few guideline.. so, we had a discussion and came up with this design. hope she and hubby loves it as we do..

p/s:- the doctor is looking at the nurse, not at the giant heart..

jgn marah ye.. :)

Tall hantaran

This one is quite funny.. we forgot to capture the finished product for the blog.. cemane bley lupa ni.. adehh, anyway we have the 80% finished pic for your viewing pleasure.. huhu, harap2 the client sudi2 nak sharekan gambar our cake for this blog..

about a girl

This is another order and this time it's a girl thing.. the customer specifically requested for a pinkish theme and a girl sitting on a flower.. last time we made a tinkerbell sitting inside the flower.. this time we made a girl figurine sitting on the edge of the cake with her leg crossed. i'm quite happy with the girl figurine.. yup~! it's getting prettier (tak kisah nak tulis jugak).. tak lah nampak macam makcik2 cam dulu2.. huhuhu (sorry my previous customer)..

Guitar cut-out cake

Last week was quite a challenge for us as we need to prepare few design of cakes. This is one of it. a cut-out electric guitar.. yahoo! we receive the order with excitement and.. a bit gabra.. tak pernah buat.. huhu, tapi experience dah ada for cut-out style cake and hopefully this one goes smoothly..

tapi sangkaan kitorang agak kecundang.. susahnyer nak get a clean and smooth surface for this cake, huhuhu.. takpe cabaran.. seb baik boleh cover memana yg patut.. :)

so, this is the outcome.. enjoy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Sapa tau apa tu Pororo? haa.. kenapa aku tak tau.. anak aku tak tengok kartun ni.. kalau tak ada la gak ternampak kat TV ke.. huhu.. thanks mr google.. dapat banyak reference dari sana nak draw these cute and cuddly characters. bagus gak jadi decorator cake ni.. we learn and observe a lot.. so every single detail is crucial in order to get the best look for the design.. :) we really love this, hopefully kak ida and Sulaiman love it too

Powerpuff girl.. go go girl power!!

This is the first time kot as I remember, buat powerpuff girl punya kek.. so cute, we love it.. lama gak tunggu sesapa nak order, hehe.. akhirnya.. thanks so much and happy birthday Nuraqilah Zahra

Flash & Dash

My colleague ordered this cake untuk her son yg sebaya ngan syahmi. instead their birth date difference is just one day.. at first i tak tau ape ke bendenyer flash and dash tu? the flash superhero yg laju tu ke?.. dash tu.. anak mr.incredible ke? huhuh.. lepas google around tau la.. ooo rupenyer kereta kontrol punya kartun tu.. my kids ada toys dia.. so, ape lagi.. terusla menduplicatekan apa2 yg patut.. dan hasilnya.. tadaaa... hope they like it :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dora, Diego and monkey

this is another cute cake we (ila & poek) succesfully produce.. we love it so much and hopefully the customer will do too.. :).. We had so much fun making all 3 of them.. and took me about 4 hours to make all 3 character, among all.. monkey is the one yg i like the most.. senang sket buat dia.. hehe

Gold bar

this was ordered by zety for her grandma.. it was quite tricky to get the right golden look for the cake. at last we had to settle for this.. mesti gemma dia pengumpul barang emas tegar ni.. hehe. thanks Zety for the order

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Police Car Cake for 5 Year Old VVVIP

Who is the VVVIP? of none other than my 5th year old beloved son...

He requested for police car...ehmmm but must be Hummer... he doesn't like icing... susah jugak bila customer nya duduk dlm satu rumah... customer yg merangkap quality controller... anyway Syahmi love the cake and satisfied with the outcome. Thanks to daddy yang tido pukul 3am siapkan kek ni... interested to readmore on his bday celebration? please visit
To those yang order cake minggu ni tapi terpaksa di tolak, now u know why kan? hehehe sbb ada VVVip order cake :P

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our very first topsy turvy cake

This is an experimental attempt for topsy turvy and Nawal offered her cake as our testing ground.. thanks a million for your trust, we feel very honoured. despite tak berapa menepati ke'topsy turvy'annya...we like it.. and most importantly, she loves it too.. Ngee :D