Saturday, September 22, 2012

Volkswagon Golf R Cake

This cake is very very special... Ordered by someone I admire so much. Ordered by Fishie for her beloved husband; Pojee. It is his 40th Birthday.

Fishie contacted me when we were in Makkah, asking if we can make the special VW cake with figurine of a man with spec, wearing Superman attire? and the date was something like 3 days after we touch down KL. errrr.... can i say No to fishie? Of course not... She is my good friend, she is someone very successful so if she made an effort to contact me while am in Makkah, means she really trust us both... so of course I would say yes...

To those wonder who is Fishie? She is the backbone of Manggis and Celebrate TV, also hubby's unimate.

Thanks Fishie for the order. Thanks for the invitation to Pojee's birthday celebration at Flora Terrace.... :)

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