Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For Mr.Jeremy

At office, the colleagues there were planning to have our CEO's birthday party.. just a small potluck, so we were assigned to do the cake. at first we were quite reluctant because we don't want it to be kecoh about our favourite past time.. but after the persuasion and begging.. ok lah, we finally agreed, but with few conditions.. we bake our second attempt snickers cheese cake and at last this is the result. So hope they like it especially the birthday boy.

Sorry if the face is not as handsome as the real person. hehehe :)

happy birthday boss!


hOtMaMa said...

cayalah ila!!!! suka sngt tengok.. bila nak bukak kelas utk lela plak neh? hahaha..

Mahfuzah Azahari said...

bagi sikit rambut jeremy heheh