Sunday, April 24, 2011

Toy story cake.. comes back

This is one awaited order we had for the weekend. Of course we need to prepare the main character, Woody and Buzz few days a head to make them firm and strong.. Personally I really love to decor this cake. We had so much fun creating every details on it. Enny the client is a mother of one of Syahmi's school mate, and they know about us when we celebrate Syahmi's birthday at his school last March.. (hehe, good promotion method though..:) !) When her husband collect the cake from us he look shocked and praised us. Anyway, we really had fun and feel satisfied with the outcome.. hopefully they love it too.. and happy birthday for the twin brother.. Ameer and Emran! hope you had a great one!

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waniez nurul said...

kak... kalau nk order 1/2 kg kek, akak amik x.. utk 2 org je..xmo besar2... how much?