Monday, April 11, 2011

Zan on cake

Last saturday our friend from US ordered a cake for her school buddy gathering at Ara Damansara. She can't make it to meet them all.. Then she ordered a cake for the gathering and let us decide on the design.. we came up with this design, the day before the event she confirms it and excited about it.. (yey!! we love it too).. and finally, this is the outcome..


wiz said...



I think you are a very talented baker and cake artist. Love all your figurines, the actions put in them are just amazing.

I am wiz, the person who does cakes in "in a whiz" blogspot. This is my first time here at your blog and I am just at awe with all your designs.

I was informed that you found there are similarities in this cake of yours and in my latest cake. And I was judged even before I was informed about your thought of me copying your design.

I am truly sorry if you felt that way but No, honest to God, I did not. I do not know why I have to explain to you this way since I know I am innocent of this crime you so believed I did and put me on trial on FB reproducing my picture taken from my blog without my permission. I just think that wasn't nice since we do not know each other and I have never done you any harm or offended you in any way to be treated in that manner.

The story of my cake the cake you claimed I copied is, the husband adores the wife and thinks the world of her. He plays the guitar and sings too, hence the lyrics at the bottom of the cake. Liverpool meant so much to them as they, many a time watched matches at Anfield when they were studying. It was her birthday and also their anniversary, celebrated with one single cake.

Eventhough you have taken out and deleted everything from your blog and facebook, things were said and thrown at me without even my presence to catch them properly and justify the accusations made. In any Universe or religion that is not a very nice thing.

I am just another baker trying to make ends meet. I am just that.

jasmin said...


I understand that you accused a friend of mine Wiz for copying this cake of yours.

Please ensure you have sufficient facts before throwing such accusation. My dear friend Wiz represented the cake named What Sits There for me based on my hubby's request and description of the special things and moments we shared in our lives. The cake was just perfect, special and flawless.

We really regret that Wiz had to endure such accusation and went through unpleasant smear attack from you. And of all the cakes in the world, it had to be my birthday cum anniversary cake. Both my hubby and I are offended by your accusation and action in smearing Wiz and uploading the cake in your FB without our consent as the idea of the cake and request came from my hubby for my birthday and anniversary.

ila de cute said...

wiz and jasmine,

i am apologized for what had happened. as per i said to wiz earlier, its my mistake. i've got the pic from a customer of mine and not using my mind, did a huge mistake. i am very sorry. i know damaged done but again, i am sincerely apology for my stupid action.

its a great lesson to me. again, only Allah SWT will pay your kindness. I am very sorry and I keep telling myself not to repeat the same mistake to whoever pun.

i cant force anyone to forgive me... just let let you know its a great lesson to me...