Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Melati is now 5

Lily is our friendly and loyal customer.. it was such a great news when she requested us for Melati's birthday cake last month with a new theme for us.. the chippets!!yey!!, we're very excited to receive the request and for sure this is another milestone for us..  Lily requested for delivery too and with all the care we had given to the cake, we have to make sure that this cake won't collapse like her previous cake... the rapunzel tower we made a few years back.. huhuhu..

*tips for successfully delivering cake

and finally, we arrived at her house and managed to deliver the cake safely. luckily, all our cake are now enforced and more stable.. and Melati's cake is as good as before.. here are the picture of the birthday girl and her cake..

one of the chippets...

the completed cake..

Melati and her cake

* extra tips for transporting cake...
1- drive max 20 to 30km/h at bumpy area. make way for other vehicles as you will be annoyingly slow to other road user.. :)
2- never ever make any emergency brake.. or avoid having one..
3- as you'll be driving slow as snail.. please don't feel bored or even worse sleepy.. it's extremely dangerous!!
4- plan your way and timing to the delivery point.. so no one will be worried (lost or cake not delivered on time)

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