Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bumblebee in the house

we are so excited to make this cake.. it is our first ever bumblebee cake. took us in total 7 hours to make the cake from baking to shaping and finally decorating it with all the details..  and using my son's toy as the sample..

actually this was ordered during the weekday.. so, right after my class at A.P.A.M I rushed back home to make this cake..  and I was so excited to make it without noticing that it is already 3.30am when  it's finished.. heheh

we really hope that the customer was satisfied with our outcome as we do.. :) but still there's a lot of room for improvement. thanks for the order
top view

front view...
captured from my instagram.. sorry, not so clear ya.. the plat no is ADE108

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