Monday, March 11, 2013

The Pastry Arts Academy - part 1

I'm writing this as a 'coretan perjalanan'  journey of my current goal to became one of the greatest pastry chef in the world. I've been enrolling with this course in pastry Arts since 3 Dec 2012.. it's has already been 3 month and I just finished my final assesment last Friday before continuing to the next level..

along this 3 month, last week is the climax - round 1 for us.. a test for all aspect, my family life, my study and rizqcakes. last week was my final assesment, and starting sunday, Syahmi been warded due to high and prolongue fever and coughing.. and the confirmed orders was quite a challenge. it's quite a test for us the whole family actually, especially to my wife Ila and me. it's a challenge that we have to face.. it's a stressfull week and alhamdulillah, we managed to survive it. and, Syahmi is now healthy and fine..

It has been a great 3 months as I've learnt a lot of new things, at least for me.. basic things in pastry and bakery. here, the chefs are very experienced and really good in their work. I've been learning with chef G, chef Chong, chef Azura and chef niklesh..  the other two chef, i didn't get the chance to learn with them  yet.. hopefully in the next 3 months maybe.. hopefully.

most of my classmate aiming to work in the hotel line as chef. but I'm aiming to open up my own business. but first this basic things and experience is needed to make me stronger and capable to face the future. hopefully one day, our dream will come true.. pray for our success please.. TQ..

what did I learn?..well.. here are some of the things I did for the past 3 months.. I've made breads in the first week
me and Syahid a Singaporean guy.. extremely funny.. heheh!

Chef G explaining the proofer function

first trial of my soft roll and milk bread..

it's a great week when we do the breads.. all our uniforms were covered with flour

what I bring home for the day..

this is what we done in a week with Chef G.. eh, no, this is 1 day product. there's quite a number of breads right.. very fast paced learning and.. oh my, my camera lens was also covered with flour.. aiyyaa..



ila de cute said...

It was indeed a very challenging week for both of us...basically the past 3 months was really tough... I thought i prepared for it but it seems it is still not enough. I hope we can keep going to achieve our dream and InsyaAllah will akways by your side to support you as much as I could. Thanks to syahmi n hafiz also for always believing in our dream and they are the number 1 supporter.

Keep going sayang!

azdra-azdra said...

Chaiyok! Chaiyok! Both of you can do it! Walaupun aku jauh, will support both of you from afar.. :)

poek: xoxo tuh yang aku tak tahan.. hahahahahahahah

Muhammad Fuad said...

ye la.. utk bini aku baca.. yg lelain tumpang la kan.. ahaks