Monday, March 11, 2013

jam-packed week for Rizqcakes

terlebih dahulu nak minta maaf kat pembaca semua sebab lama tak update blog. been busy lately with school and final assesment for my 3 month pastry arts program. tercakap pasal ni, nanti saya update cerita pasal this program ya.. tak cukup dgn tu, Allah nak duga kami dgn anak pulak sakit and kena masuk hospital.. kelam kabut jugak la kami nak settle things up. kalau ada yang tak sempurna atau tak menepati citarasa dalam order baru2 ni, mintak maaflah sangat2 ya.. kalau ada salah dan silap, harap dapat bagitau ya, so kami dapat memperbaiki kesilapan kami. terima kasih..

alhamdulillah, dalam terkejar2 tu dapat jugak siapkan apa2 yang patut for our customer yang dah confirm. yang last minute, terpaksa kami tolak memandangkan kesibukan yg melanda... anyway, here's some of our entry for the past few week. bundle up saja..

boboiboy dan adudu for meera's birthday.. faberet katun daddy dia sebenarnya.. hihi

the cake was a rainbow layer cake, for Deeja's birthday

this is the first time we made the superbike figurine...

it's a Ducati panigale and CBR1000.. sorry no close up shot

this is another lego cake for my friends's son..

when making car figurine like this, my youngest son will keep visiting my workstation and checking on the quality.. hihi! he loves car so much, so I have to make sure that the look is as close as possible to the real one. huhuhu..

it's a bunch of handmade roses for hantaran...

a malaysian flag for an event in terengganu

this 3 buildings were made for the same event in terengganu

KL tower

Eiffel tower

another hantaran cake

mickey mouse and friends..

lego friends themed cake for Zalia

now i know that lego also got these toy sets for girls.. with two boys and no baby girl, this is quite an interesting fact to know.. huhu

it's red, yellow, black and white guitar themed cake..

this is an art attack cake!!

a woody from toy story themed birthday cake

it's the 1st birthday celebration for Eryna...


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