Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello Kitty Cake

Ordered by Kak Fazz for her beloved daughter Dira... Kak fazz is our repeat customer. Our loyal customer Pn Nik Aidil Maria actually the one who introduced us to Kak Fazz.

Kak fazz is a very considerate lady...last year when she ordered her tinkerbell cake (which was our very first tinkerbell), she also ordered set of cupcakes on ice cream cone. we told kak fazz, we cant do that but Dira was so excited and insisted to have those cupcakes ice cream...the problem with us was not makin it but transporting it....sighh... accident happened, and all teh cupcakes went to the bin... but kak fazz told me not to worry about it...And alahmdulillah she come back again this year.... Am thankful to Allah for giving all these kind of very nice customer...

For this order, Kak fazz just tell me she want a hello kitty theme cake...must be a butter cake using buttercream, so we've proposed 2 designs to Kak Fazz and Dira chosed this one. Alhamdulillah according to Kak Fazz, the cake was a hit during the party :)

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