Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Special Agent OSO

Ordered by Shana...the 3D definitely not my original design as Shana printed the original design from the web and gave it to us, she wanted the same design...so whoever the original decorator, if you happen to read my blog please let me know, I will put your link here.

The other one is 2D design... actually Shana ordered a buttercream 2D cut put cake but due to misunderstanding between ila and poek, so it turned out to be think cut out...Alhamdulillah Shana is such an understanding customer, so we've sold the cake to her at a very very minimal cost.

Thanks Shana for the order. :)


cik_ah82 said...

salam kak,

saya dh hantar emel kat akak (3x), dr minggu lepas lagi but sadly no reply at all..huhu..hanya certain customer je ke kak yg boleh order..huhu..

Agakkacak said...

salam cik ah,

huhuhu I memang takde receive your email dear, if i received it, sure I will reply walaupun lambat. I minta maaf ye. btw, my husband dah htr email to u tadi, i hope u can reply it. tq

baizura said...


saya pun ada email from last week. tapi tak reply pun.. ada buat delivery kat kajang tak.

ila de cute said...


i minta maaf sgt kalau u x dpt my reply. actually i already replied all my email sent to me... if you dont mind, please leave your email address here and will write to u. tq

baizura said...