Monday, May 23, 2011

Barney in da house again

Happy 2nd Bithday Qaseh Mia Faryna... a beloved daughter to Shila, hehhe cik jiran depan rumah. Shila is a Stay at Home Mom. A job that I wish myself having right now... I am quite determine to follow Shila's footstep to work from home, InsyaAllah next year.

I am not happy now, no not because of work. I have a great job with an important post with a good salary, perhaps lower from many of other mom's. am just not happy because i kinda losing myself... the preassure to juggle work at the corporate world, a cake baker, a mum to my sons, a wife to my beloved hubby etc etc...

thinking to go back to basic, work from home, baking cake and learn pastries and cook and do more craft stuffs... yup i still have financial obligation and thats why i cant follow my heart right now. InsyaAllah very soon. :)

back to the cake again, a barney and friends...still remember my first 2 tiers the barney and friends 2 years ago, which turned to disaster :P. this time the tiers are more stable and i think its prettier than before.

Thanks Shila for the order. :)

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