Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Syasya!

Pic No 1: Courtesy from Mai and Zaimi.

Syasya is always and adorable girl... I love her so much...I believe that she is syahmi's first girl friend ever since they both in my and mai's belly. When Mai told me that she would like to have a princess cake for her, I was fine though I was expected that she would like to have standing Barbie cake, but Mai keep telling that she wish to have another big party together with Aqil's birthday later and i must make myself ready for the standing Barbie Cake.

Whoever followed did blog would realize, this is the first time that I use edible image..OMG I love edible image... So to those out there who would like to get a cake with an edible image, i do take order for cake with edible image too ye ...
I am so happy that Syasya lover her cake and cupcakes. Thanks Mai for your endless support. may our friendship last forever. :)

To Syasya, Happy 4th Birthday Princess!!!


happy2gether said...

Ila..tq so much for the lovely cake & cuppies Ila...Syasya loves it so much..dia mmg suka sgt disney princesses nih esp Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White & Belle. You light up a smile on her face that day. Love you Ila! love Rizq Cakes too..ehhehe

ila de cute said...

Mai, thanks so much. Glad that u and syasya love it :)

Thanks for your continous support.

Nnati Syahmi bagi present later ye syasya... muahssss

happy2gether said...

Ila...yup Syahmi is Syasya's 1st bf..ehheh bila dorang dah besar nanti sure shy2..ehheh. Present tu xper..kalo kita wat bday party tu nanti la ek...kalo jdk pas Raya..yup I would definitely order that standing barbie cake for Syasya..Insyallah..