Tuesday, February 11, 2014

pizza fluffy yum yum

Got a request from a friendon tips of how to make a good pizza dough..
I am not that "terer" in making pizza as it is not my staple food and just making it for fun.. hehe (teringat zaman kanak2 ada budak pompuan masuk kuiz bagi jawapan utk 'apakah makanan ruji rakyat malaysia.. a) pizza b) nasi c) roti' and dia jawab.. a) pizza... legendary answer!!)

And i still remember it till today... hehe

Ok back to pizza.. same like most bread making process.. some of the key elements are.. liquid content (milk) to be added slowly while checking the consistency.. make sure it is not too dry or too wet. make sure u mix all ingredient except oil. in this case i use extra virgin olive oil.. this oil must be incorporate last once the gluten strength is visible through 'window test'.

Then add in the oil till it comes back together as a dough... rest it around 20 minutes.. once the sizes doubled. Knead and shape it to a round and flat pizza dough.. to make it consistent in size.. weight it to your desired size such as 200g per pizza. Flatten it on a parchment and wallah.. you've made a pizza dough.

bake it at 180○c for 5 to 8 minutes depending on size and your oven heat strength

once cooled.. keep it in an air tight container or wrap it tight  and freeze it

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eray ayang said...

wow good tips, nanti nam try buat...tak penah buat lagi nie

tq dear