Friday, May 4, 2012

many many many more cakes

many customer of RizqCakes asked why their cakes not been displayed in our blog, is it because it just a common cake or not an outstanding design? Definitely all the answers above a wrong. The only reason is "myself and hubby couldnt find a right time to update the blog and upload the photos".

Many out there knew already that this is our part time home business. we both (myself and hubby) has a full time job. After not so long 5 years being in the business, hubby found his interest which is Sugar Arts. mind you, most of the cakes actually decorated and designed by Hubby. 

InsyaAllah in the near future, he will concentrate on the business as a fulltime cake decorator. and i hope, by then, all of you out there will keep supporting us and especially him...

we apologize for not being able to reply all your emails asap, or not able to take all orders. Hopefully, once Hubby go for fulltime, we will be able to serve more customers, provides more cakes selection, reply all emails quickly and of course update the blog faster... 

meanwhile please enjoy some our creations for April 2012. :)

Btw, we have to minimize order intake for May 2012 as my sister Marina is getting married on 19th May. and For June, we only able to take order for the 1st and 2nd weeks only as myself  and family InsyaAllah will go abroad for 2 weeks, starting from 20 June - 3rd July 2012.

As salam, and thanks for being with us.

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Puan Fifiey said...

comel2la kek awak.. mesti sedap.. ok.. salam perkenalan.. saya dah follow blog awak.. nanti jom la melawat blog saya..:)