Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cake for BET

we got the order from a friend of a friend of my wife, (err.. is it like that?) anyway.. when the party was on, we never knew who would come.. in this 'BET's' cake case.. wife of poek's friend from high school is a friend of Bet.. and when they were chatting and asking about our cake, they knew about us immediately.. and then came the message.. 'Pari kirim salam kat Poek'.. knewing the name, I immediately recall about Pari or Farihan Azizan my batchmate and dorm mate in form 1.. 'waalaikumussalam Pari, lama tak jumpa ko ek..' ... :) wow.. thank god, when doing this part time business, there are a lot of unexpected things and reconnection of long lost friend happens... anyway, thanks for the order. hope you all had fun!

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