Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Circus cake for Raisa's birthday

ordered by Faizah... Honestly its not our best outcome and not our original idea. Faizah did her researched before order the cake from us, and had emailed us this pic from http://eliotecakedesigns.com.au/ . macam nak pengsan nengok kek cantik mcm ni... huhuhu but we take it as a challenge...

And this is our version of circus carnival cake...huhuhuhu.... rasa nak nangis nengok comparison between these 2 cakes... Despite the imperfection of the cake, Faizah still happy with the outcome.

Thanks so much Faizah for the order. InsyaAllah we will keep improving ourselves.

1 comment:

Iza said...

we love raisa's circus cake...now i cant wait for my chanel bday cake :)