Monday, March 14, 2011

Heart Doctor and Sexy Missy

Hehe.. first time dengar tajuk pun kitorang dah teruja.. cemana nak design kek ni agaknya ek.. Kak Shana as the customer gives us freedom to design it with a few guideline.. so, we had a discussion and came up with this design. hope she and hubby loves it as we do..

p/s:- the doctor is looking at the nurse, not at the giant heart..

jgn marah ye.. :)


Lenny said...

ila... cantik giler i loiiikkke!!

Agakkacak said...

huhuhu.. aku pun suka..

wanshana said...

Kak Shana laaaaaaggiiiiiii sukeeeeeeerrrrrr!!!

Thank you so much Ila and Poek!

Everybody loves it, and the Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake was yummy, too! :)

Can I give a link to this blog from my FB, please? So many of my friends want to know where I ordered the cake from :)

Thanks again!

Agakkacak said...

with pleasure kak shana.. share the link please.. :) tq tq

wanshana said...

Thanks Poek and Ila :)

I've put your link on my FB status today. Insya Allah, there'll be many interested callers... Amin :)

Agakkacak said...

amin~!! thanks kak shana