Tuesday, February 22, 2011


this is our version of tinkerbell cake, alhamdulillah fazz yg order ni loves it despite we made a huge disaster for her other order. the ice-cream cake she ordered collapsed and berlaga2 with each other. truly sorry fazz sebab kecewakan u.
very challenging task as we need to make custom holder for the ice cream.. pastu silap coz bila dah ada cake on top of the ice-cream cone, it became very unstable. on the way nak deliver the cake tergolek even though kitorang bawak kereta sangatlah slow.. huhuhu.. sedih.. sedih.. tapi, it's a lesson for us..
lain kali fazz suruh buat kek tu kat rumah dia.. :)


Faz said...

No worries Ila. Appreciate your effort to make the ice-cream cupcakes. Dira loved her Tinkerbell cake and tht is wat matters. Hugs.

ila de cute said...

Thanks for being understanding and supportive, we do really appreciate it...