Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thank you nurses and Doctor

Last minute order from Rossita, sbb anaknya masuk hospital.... Thanks Rossita for the order :) Hope your son dah sihat...

Sometimes why I can accept last minute order ? Basically there are few reasons:-
1) That week tak terlalu byk order
2) Simple design
3) Me and my family takde outing plan

I can take last minutes order especially if its cupcakes with buttercream deco...sbb nya cupcakes cepat masak and cepat sejuk so cepat boleh di deco. Unlike cake besar, I need time nak sejuk kan cake baru boleh deco. And Ila memang kena surrender tak dpt nak ambil last minute order for fondant cake...untuk baker and designer amatur mcm ila ni, kena ada masa utk trial and error... so harap harap my potential customer paham ye. Tapi kalau nak kek besar juga for last minute order, please discuss with me on the design ye.

Anyway, thanks for everyone's support :)

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